Seven tips to consider for a B2B E-Commerce re-platform

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May 23, 2017
B2B eCommerce Project Team

This is simple set of 7 insights to set as mandatory criteria to be kept top of mind for your next B2B digital commerce solution:

  1. Know the platform you are buying, configuring and deploying is going to definitely make your customers jobs easier. Ask your customers what they want beforehand and make sure they get it and make sure your solution provider can deliver. 
  2. Spend the time to ensure your product data and its imagery are business ready for each of your stakeholder groups who use it and it is going to be available the way they want to see it and they are going to be able to manage it in a profitable manner.
  3. Acknowledge you are more likely to NOT want to be famous for developing and supporting your own complex eCommerce technical architecture. Consider full service providers who can slice and dice their solution/s to meet your needs without you having to build your own eCommerce army and adopting the risks that go with it.
  4. Acquire  best practice system maintenance and support.  Many of the opportunity costs of downtime or poor support are easily quantified and of considerable negative impact to your brand equity and sales.
  5. Managing content across multiple channels is the single most underestimated process obligation in digital commerce.  Acquire access to a talent pool of professionals who can meet the deadlines and deliver the stories and experiences your brand needs TO MAKE  SALES not just make you feel good.
  6. Ensure your Digital Marketing leadership are at the top of the gating process for new business ideas and that they own and endorse the business benefits assessment and can deliver the required marketing experiences. And if they cannot or don’t understand what to do then they or you get the people who can.
  7. Do not get bogged down in endlessly curating your new online digital customer experience and function to the detriment of getting sales or leads.  You must be up transacting or generating quantifiable leads as a top priority and it’s better to be getting dynamic marketing feedback to which you can respond. Making desirable functionality changes once on the journey and implementing those that maintain a focus on getting sales/lead generation better avoids mediocrity and the blame game.

No rocket science here but seven tips to keep top of mind to avoid the ugly outcomes of burning cash, delivering a poor user experience and/or not having the digital process ownership and acquisition/retention of talent issues under control that all can ignite a “death by a thousand cuts” 12-24 months downstream.