Safe retail & B2B marketing makes you invisible. Only extreme or remarkable will be seen…

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April 4, 2017
Safe retail eCommerce marketing

Safe marketing could be making your manufacturing and/or wholesale operation die a death of a thousand cuts. Once upon a time, you relied on your agents, your field sales teams your mainstream media channels. Your print catalogues, outdoor media maybe even some print in industry journals and staking out your trade and industry shows were all the regular formula.

All this old style stuff was a great risk reducer for marketers.

Everyone just believed if we played where everyone else did we would get our return on marketing investment. Now let me warn you but I bet you are already observing staying mainstream in your media and digital spend is fast becoming simply a rolling the dice exercise and clasping your hands over your mouth in anticipation. And then realising oh wow we lost!

In this new digital landscape where really only extreme or unbelievable things get shared, we simply cannot remain constrained to mainstream even in B2B wholesaler distribution land.

Whether you’re in retail land or B2B, your customers are constantly being disrupted by extreme content. They are simply able to see and search more information on the products and services you sell and of course maybe even being shown more possibilities from your competitors and new entrants who are now also intruding on your traditional geolocations.

When your customers see more possibilities coming at them from new competitors it usually means your products are going to become cheaper, more affordable and maybe even with better availability.

All this splintering of marketing information is making your own retail and B2B digital marketing have to be more cut through and niched to your target customers to ensure you survive and grow.

Cutting through even for B2B players means your products and/or services have to be tagged with what you want to be famous for ie. You are “the most ……”

Adding that tag after “most” must be targeted and you need to genuinely make your “most…..” stand about what will make people pay attention in a globally competitive environment.

B2B companies need to adopt the same mainstream focus on “extreme” as B2C companies in terms of their marketing and messaging so the company’s position and presence does not become increasingly invisible.

By example, if in your geo locations you are the biggest and the best in Electrical Distribution or Refrigeration and Air Conditioning do you want the digital media only spruiking about the Amazon intrusion into these spaces as one of their future pillars of growth?

No, you want them to hear about that you actually are already the “most …..” industry leader with all the necessary supply chains, delivery infrastructure, sales and customer support and with technical staff at your fingertips able to deliver extraordinary knowledge that is business ready to make yours the best possible customer experience.

It is this extraordinary knowledge of your customer that you compete on. Having your own “most ….” focus in being genuinely famous for something and being extreme in how you get that message across that is what is going to make your company the “on trend” topic in your industry and drive top line sales at the same time.

Safe Retail & B2B Marketing Makes You Invisible. Only Extreme or Remarkable Will Be Seen…