Legend Linen launch retail with Logan & Mason NZ

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July 23, 2017
Legend Linen eCommerce Store NZ

The team at Ecomm2 are proud to unveil the first eCommerce retail store for Legend Linen NZ group. The new website for Logan & Mason NZ is the child of Sydney’s Legend Linen who have been supplying beautiful bed linen brands and accessories to retailers for over 27 years.

We were engaged to help Legend Linen NZ showcase their entire diverse ben linen range to perfection, and create a premium digital brand experience for their customers.

Opening the doors and being ready to invite customers quickly is critical for any new store. Online is no exception. Legend Linen wanted to move fast. Partnering with Ecomm2 enabled them to open their digital doors and start making sales in under six weeks.

How? We live and breathe this niche; our technology, processes and wealth of experience take the guesswork out of best practice eCommerce development:

  • Competitor and digital market research and analysis
  • Website design and development
  • Product data and inventory management
  • ERP integration
  • Merchant and payment facilities

We know what to do, and with care and confidence we get it done quickly. Logan & Mason NZ and their happy customers are enjoying a fast, fully responsive, user centric eCommerce experience that looks great, and works seamlessly on all devices.

Our service doesn’t stop there

Post ‘go live’ celebrations and we’re still instrumental in driving the digital brand forward in their competitive landscape. Legend Linen NZ enlisted our expert digital team to deploy our unique ‘eCommerce as a service’ model to maximise their exposure, and to build and nurture a healthy customer database.

Rapidly grow mailing list – thoughtful email marketing

Our heavily focused database building strategies have resulted in thousands of new engaged subscribers. Thoughtful email marketing programs deliver powerful promotions to highly qualified consumers for maximum conversions.

Google AdWords and Facebook marketing

Presenting Logan & Mason NZ to the right people at the right time. Focused, results driven and highly targeted PPC ad campaigns are delivering a strong ROI. Our campaigns are significantly elevating brand awareness, engagement and ever-increasing the company’s loyal customer base.

Organic Search Optimisation

Concentrated, air-tight on and offsite SEO strategies have quickly elevated Logan & Mason NZ to a page 1 organic ranking. Not just for any search term; but for the highest value keywords in their vertical – a result that may typically take years for a new website to achieve – if ever.

Influencer Marketing

We work closely with publications and valuable social media influencers to create irresistible content, and priceless brand exposure. By cultivating influencer relationships and building quality backlinks to boost authority, we have fast-tracked Logan & Mason NZ’s position as a trusted brand in the digital arena.

Our eCommerce as a service model

Why does it work so well?

Well, of course we are very good at what we do; but this unique model is built around a revenue share of sales with our eCommerce clients. If we don’t drive sales for you, we don’t earn either. This system ensures there’s always transparency and a healthy alignment across all stakeholders. Not only are we naturally passionate about driving successful outcomes for our clients, we’re also accountable.