H.A.G Import Corpn go live with Maxwell & Williams

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October 21, 2017
HAG Wholesaler eCommerce

B2X Digital are proud to share another great digital success story for a leading Australian wholesaler.

Partnering with B2X, H.A.G Import Corpn have opened the digital-doors of the first ever online store for their iconic flagship brand Maxwell & Williams.

HAG Import Corpn is a family owned company who began their wholesale journey in 1963. For over 50 years they have been a leading distributor of designer dinnerware and homewares brands sold throughout Australia and in major international markets. A well-loved household name, Maxwell & Williams maintain a solid reputation for high quality, affordable products and on trend designs.

With a vast inventory and ever-growing customer base, H.A.G was inspired to launch their retail e-commerce store so they could showcase their entire range to their customers, and for the first time make everything available in the Maxwell & Williams range in one place.

Due to our experience and success working with B2B brand manufacturers and wholesale distributors, B2X were selected to partner with HAG as they embarked on their new digital commerce journey.

Maxwell Williams Mobile eCommerce

Diving into eCommerce is a wholesaler can be daunting

We understand the challenges faced by wholesalers when it comes time to launch into the eCommerce market.

  • Choosing the right platform to ensure ease of inventory management
  • Create an attractive design
  • Build a fast, mobile responsive website
  • Produce on-brand messaging and content
  • Fine tune ordering, stock control and delivery processes
  • Optimise
  • Advertise
  • Market
  • Maintain…

It can feel like an overwhelming process for a very successful company with stockist relationships to maintain, and fresh new lines being introduced regularly.  

It’s for these reasons HAG elected to partner with B2X under our premium eCommerce as a Service plan developed specifically for brand manufacturers and wholesalers. Under this plan, B2X take responsibility for the entire online sales channel, so wholesale distributors can go about their business with confidence that their digital asset is well looked after, and will continue to grow.  

Our team worked closely with HAG on their first eCommerce website design and development and we celebrated a successful launch of their fast, user-friendly and beautifully presented website. But the service doesn’t end at launch. We continue to work in close partnership with HAG on a daily basis as we drive the operations of the Maxwell & Williams site.

Site development and optimisation
Fast, efficient website design and development is important in eCommerce. We strive to get the site up and running as quickly as possible in order to welcome those sales and ROI. There’s no time wasted and no stone left unturned with our well-oiled systems and processes.

Ongoing SEO
Best practice on and off-site search engine optimisation to please people and algorithms. SEO is ongoing. We continue to critically analyse data, identify new optimisation opportunities and adjust content accordingly.   

Google Adwords
Every new website needs a helping hand to be seen in the competitive digital arena. We ensure Maxwell & Williams are presented to the right consumers, at the right time to maximise store exposure, conversions and sales.

Content Management
Maintaining fresh new content regularly is not only important for customer engagement, it’s a critical component of search engine optimisation.

Email Marketing
We communicate regularly with Maxwell & Williams subscribers, offering helpful informative content, exclusive offers, and exciting new product launches. We grow and nurture the mailing list to build a loyal brand community.

Customer Service
We help the HAG team provide their customers with an amazing experience. Happy consumers means happy clients, means happy us.

What does the future hold for this leading wholesale distributor?

Now the first site is live and humming along with the expertise of our marketing team, B2X and HAG import corp are excited to embark on a new digital adventure together. Over the coming months, additional brand sites will be rolled out both locally and internationally. We look forward to the next instalment. Watch this space.