If you make a customer create an account with your site just to buy from you, most aren’t going to want to jump through the hoops. They should have the option of registering, but it should not be a requirement. Provide them with an option for express checkout as a guest. This way, the customer who is getting ready to buy isn’t suddenly derailed from the process by having to create an account. Many simply click away. You might also want to provide the option to create an account from a single click of the customer’s social media. Again, this shouldn’t be a requirement for buying though.

3. Send Abandoned Cart Emails

Sending out emails to customers to remind them of the products they left in their cart can be very powerful. In many cases people can get distracted on their buying journey so a friendly reminder of what’s in their cart can really boost your conversion. Throw a promo code in the abandoned cart and you’ll really see some uplift.

4. A Secure Site

You must have a secure site. People are very wary about buying online because they do not want their information stolen. It’s a reasonable fear. You can add security badges to your site so the customer understands that you have top notch security that will help to keep their information safe. You can also mention that you don’t store their credit card information, and that the site is SSL certified, for example. You want to put the customer’s mind at ease.

5. Payment Options

You should offer your customers as many relevant payment options as possible. In addition to the traditional credit cards, such as Visa and MasterCard, you may also want to include some other payment types that might be more appealing to them. For example, you could choose to add Amazon Payments, PayPal, Stripe, and Google Wallet. The more options you have available the better.

6. Remember Mobile

If your site is difficult to use on a mobile device, people aren’t going to want to shop on it. They might start to fill up their cart with items they would like to buy, but if navigating the site is difficult and they can’t figure out how to buy on mobile, they won’t. You should make sure that you have a mobile-friendly site design and a high-quality interface that makes buying as simple as possible.

Put these tips in place, and you will reduce the number of abandoned shopping carts on your site.